Ready for Advent Online?

Chances are your church has always looked at the Christmas program as the biggest event of the calendar year, but with new social distancing and capacity restrictions in place, you may be wondering if all the effort and risk is worth it.

Which one fits your church’s description? 

  • Church A: We are good at creating programs but don’t know how to film or stream them
  • Church B: Our church is experienced in video and streaming, but we need programming help
  • Church C: We need help with both creating a program and filming/streaming it.


At Wildfire, we combine years of ministry and creative programming with video and streaming expertise to help build an Advent program that actually expands your reach far beyond your seating capacity.

Just a few ideas:

Building Blocks: Create pre-recorded elements to build an in-person program for multiple smaller audiences and for virtual audiences online.

Christmas TV Special: Plan a for online only “tv special” to be streamed that includes pre-recorded special performances, readings and drama. Again, with a customized follow-up for lasting results.

Live Before a Studio Audience: Record a live Advent program before a small “studio” audience and then use it for broadcasting in the days during the Christmas break.

We’d love to help you get ready for Christmas.

Contact us today.

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